Arrival of the AHA program at the Athens Centre

We are very glad to announce the arrival of the students from the AHA program for the fall semester 2011!

The AHA International is a consortium of colleges and universities in the Pacific Northwest. Founded in 1957, it is an academic program of the University of Oregon and a study abroad organization dedicated to increasing intercultural competency and international awareness for university students throughout the United States.

AHA provides study abroad programs that support and guide student learning and growth; are academically challenging; and are aligned with the academic, programmatic, and internationalization goals of AHA’s partner institutions and faculty.

The Athens Centre has a long collaboration with the AHA for many decades and is very happy to welcome once again the newly arrived students! The program for this fall semester is led by Dr. Eric Mankowski and will last from September until December 2011.

For more information about the AHA International program, you can visit their website at

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