Congratulations to Michael D. Higgins for becoming the ninth President of Ireland!

Michael D. Higgins, Ireland’s newly elected President after winning the 2011 Irish presidential election held on 27 October 2011, gave a poetry reading at the Athens Centre in October 2007! The poetry reading was organised by the Greek-Irish society in Athens. 

We would like to congratulate him on winning the presidential elections and becoming the ninth President of Ireland!

His slogan stated that he would be a President to be proud of and we believe he will be that President!


And as Ricoeur said
‘To be removed from memory
is to die twice.’
Nor should it be allowed
to make an amnesia
of violence.
An amnesty is enough
for the detail.
And who knows whether,
if in time
such a healing is possible
as would make an evening
of forgiveness
worth the going on.
We make an affirmation.
The stuff of hope beckons.
Out of the darkness
we step,
and blink into the new light.

Michael D. Higgins

(taken from “An Arid Season”, New Island, 2004)


You can read the article on the Poetry reading by Michael D. Higgins at the Athens Centre, at the Productivity of Culture website


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