The Athens Centre Film Nights present “PLATO’S ACADEMY”

The Athens Centre Film Nights starts again this academic year with a movie from the Modern Greek Cinema:


by Filippos Tsitos

on Thursday, September 20, at 7:00pm

Athens, Plato’s Academy district. Every day Stavros opens his cigarette store and sits out with his friends all day. Their favourite hobby is counting the Chinese: they only stop counting if an Albanian goes past them. Stavros and his friends don’t like these foreigners even if they’re willing to do the jobs the Greeks won’t do. They bet on whether the dog will bark at the Albanian or not. However, Stavros is constantly worried. His wife has left him and he must take care of his old mother. One day, an Albanian recognises the woman as his own long-lost mother. Now Stavros’ pals start looking askance at him: is he Greek or Albanian? Does he really have the right to sing the racist little ditty: «Albanian, Albanian, you’ll never become a Greek»? Intelligent and funny, the film examines the theme of identity crisis and observes Greek society as it faces Otherness. The film received multiple awards at International Film Festivals.

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