The Athens Centre Film Nights present “45m2”, by Stratos Tsitzis (2010)







The Athens Centre Film Nights present




By Stratos Tsitis (2010)



Wednesday, 31 October, at 6:30pm




In this film, director Stratos Tzitzis plays with how economic realities intersect with internal dreams and external lifestyles in modern life for a young Greek. 23-year-old Christina works in a ritzy handbag shop, selling items she herself could never afford. Like many of her generation, she’s never moved out from the parental home. One day she decides to start renting a spacious roof-top flat in a nice area, even though she can’t really afford it, and takes on a night job waitressing. She finds herself alienated from the trendy bars she’s been used to frequenting with her best girl friend and her soccer-obsessed boyfriend. She spends her spare time nourishing her dreams of a more fulfilled life via the art books she finds in the boxes left behind by the previous tenant. Christina is not so hard up that she can’t eat, and is never at risk of being homeless. She dresses in chic, well-cut clothes (no doubt bought from chain stores), and lowns a mobile phone. What makes the film seem so authentic is its acutely well observed portrait of the emptiness of a 21st century consumerism run rampant. Rejecting the unattainable, materialistic and hedonistic dreams her generation is caught in, Christina starts to nurture her own alternative hopes.

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