The Athens Centre Film Nights Present “Burning Heads” (Το Γάλα) (2011)









The Athens Centre Film Nights Present


“Burning Heads”


(Το Γάλα)


A 2011 movie by Georgos Siougas


Wednesday, 28 November, 6:30pm  


The Athens Centre



The film “Burning Heads” is a powerful melodrama of familial conflict, acceptance and the search for redemption in a rapidly changing Europe. Adonis  is a 25-year-old immigrant desperate to cast off his Georgian roots and assimilate into Athenian culture. Ambitious and intent on progressing up the social ladder, he is also poised to wed his boss’ daughter, Natasa. The introduction of Natasa to his mother, Rina, and schizophrenic younger brother, Lefteris, ignites a confronting and sometimes violent chain of events. Adonis finds himself forced to deal with his brother’s mental illness, as well as deep-seated guilt over the denial of his ancestral roots. Against all this emotional discord, his mother painfully perseveres at attempting to restore the bonds the family once shared in their homeland. The film was nominated for 11 awards by the Hellenic Film Academy.


You can watch the trailer here.


The young Greek film director, George Siougas, born in Athens in 1975, studied filmmaking at the London Film School. After graduating, he directed a number of miniseries and TV commercials, as well as the short films Carpe Diem (1993), Skin Flick (1994), B-Movie Status (1995), The Fridge (2002) and Love Tender (2008), among others. Burning Heads is his first feature film.


The film is in Greek and Russian with English subtitles.


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