Guided tour through the Greek Parliament






Guided tour through the Greek Parliament

Learn about the structure of Greek politics and sit in the seats of the parliamentarians 


to walk to the parliament building

on THURSDAY, MARCH 14, at 1:30PM


The Hellenic Parliament is located in the Parliament House (Old Royal Palace), overlooking Syntagma Square in Athens, Greece. The first national parliament of the independent Greek state was established in 1843, after the September 3rd Revolution, which forced King Otto to grant a constitution. In 1911, a revision of the constitution resulted in stronger human rights, the reinforcement of the Rule of Law and the modernization of institutions, among them the parliament. After seven years of military dictatorship, on 8 December 1974, a referendum was conducted to decide about the nature of the form of government. By a majority of 69.18%, the Greeks decided against a constitutional monarchy and for a parliamentary republic. 
We will get an inside view of the Greek parliament, the building that you all know from the media all around the world.

Sign up on the sign up sheet in the Athens Centre office for participation. 

Event information is also available at our facebook page

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