Kimberly Chin from the University of Chicago 2014 program – Her Blog while in Greece!

Kim is a student from the University of Chicago, studying Classics. She is currently at the Athens Centre, with the study-abroad 2014 program.
She keeps a wonderful travel-blog during her stay here and we thank you for sharing it with us…and you!


Here is what she wrote on:

«Wednesday, April 16. Sunset from Nafplio

Today has been magical.

We’ve been going to a lot of sanctuaries and temples, sacred sites and whatnot, and I’ve been thinking a bit about what makes a place, or a time, or a set of circumstances sacred.

I still don’t have an answer that satisfies me. Maybe it’s best that way.

Anyway. I’m in Nafplio now, as part of a three-day trip in the Argolid. It’s been exhausting but exhilarating, going here and there, learning so much in so little time, my brain on overload, wonderful, wonderful saturation.

Today was gray and overcast, a mild wind stirring the thick cover of clouds, rustling the trees and tall grasses. We visited the Argive Heraion, Argos itself, the agora, and the theatre and baths that I knew well from last June – memories came rushing back in a wondrous blur; the Heraion got me thinking about the nature of sacred space, the chicken-or-egg, nature-or-nurture sort of thing.

Anyway. That could be its own post, to be honest, but I’m a bit too exhausted to do that.

I want to tell you about Nafplio. This is actually the third time (or second-and-a-half, technically) that I’ve been here. The first time, my friend Jordan and I climbed the purportedly 999 steps up to Palamidhi, the impressive Venetian (17th century) fortification that rises above the town – but we stopped at the top, since it cost 4 euros to get in.

Yesterday, we (the group) went up in a bus, and got to “scuttle around,” as Professor Hall calls it. So that was great.

And today? After a short nap after the day’s excursions, I decided I would wander up and around Akronafplia, the older fortification, on a shorter spur of rock a bit west of Palamidhi.

It wasn’t too strenuous a hike at all – more of a stroll. But something – a combination of time, weather, being there alone, the site itself – something made it one of the most amazingly beautiful experiences I’ve had so far. The way this evening has made me feel is akin to how I felt at Delos, if that goes any further in explaining it.

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