Syllabus level II


A continuation of Greek I. Further development in conversation and vocabulary areas of Greek I. More advanced topics in grammar. More emphasis on participant’s creative speech and on writing.

TEXTBOOK USED: Δ. Δημητρά – Μ. Παπαχειμώνα, ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ ΤΩΡΑ 1+1 Chapters 8 -11

(pages 110-167) and some more grammar pages.

Τετράδιο Ασκήσεων +1, Chapters 1-11

The syllabus can be modified according to the needs of the class.

Main Grammar areas

Verbs: conjugation of A, B1, B2 categories of verbs + passive voice: formation and use of tenses. (Present, Past, Simple Future, Simple Subjunctive.)


1.    Review masculine in -ος, -ας, -ης, feminine in -α, -η, and neuter -ο,-ι,-μα

  1. Genitive case (use and formation)


Should be studied only as they appear in the nominative, vocative, singular, plural


  1. Review in –ος, -η, -ο (καλός) and –ος, -α, -ο (ωραίος)
  2. Comparative and Superlative degree rules
  3. Πολύς, πολλή, πολύ

Adverbs: adverbs of manner, time, place, quantity


  1. Direct object pronoun (D.O.P.)(weak and strong form: με, εμένα)
  2. Indirect Object pronoun (μου)
  3. Position of D.O.P. & ind. O.P in a sentence
  4. Μαζί μου, κοντά μου, μόνος μου

Τίποτα, κανένας-κάποιος, κάτι etc.

Main conversation/ Vocabulary areas

* Going to tavernas, theatre and parties * Making comparisons between things and people * City transportation * Occasions: birthdays, holidays, etc. * Household damages * Describing one’s neighborhood * Talking about past events, making plans * Problems and life at home * Parent – child, husband – wife relationships

Writing Skills

Dialogues        a. Two friends discussing last night’s outing (p.131)  

                        b. Two friends discussing plans for tomorrow (p.159)

                        c. Lela talking to her friend Mary

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