Syllabus level III


Continuation of grammar with more topics and review of Greek II topics according to participants’ needs. Emphasis on problems of Greek syntax. Correction on participant creative speech and writing. Introduction to newspaper language.

TEXTBOOK USED:   ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ ΤΩΡΑ 1+1, Δ. Δημητρά – Μ. Παπαχειμώνα, Chapters 12 -end

Τετράδιο Ασκήσεων +1, Chapters 12-16

9 Dialogues, 6 reading passages, 2 songs

The syllabus can be modified according to the needs of the class.

Main Grammar areas

Verbs: Formation and use of tenses: Imperative (Προστακτική), Present Perfect (Παρακείμενος), Past Perfect (Υπερσυvτέλικος) , Past Continuous (Παρατατικός), Future Cont. (Συνεχής Μέλλοντας), Subjunctive Cont. (Συνεχής Υποτακτική), Imperative Cont. (Συνεχής Προστακτική), Present Participle (Μετοχή Ενεστώτα), Conditional sentences (real/unreal)

Passive voice B1 group verbs (-ιεμαι).


Personal (Subject, Direct and Indirect Object – weak and emphatic form and their position in a sentence) Possessive, Relative, Interrogative.


-ος, -ια(η), -ο (as κακός)

-ης, -α, -ικο (as ζηλιάρης)

Comparison of adjectives.

Nouns: feminine in –η, -εις (as η πόλη), -ος (as η οδός), neuter in –ος (το λάθος), masculine and feminine nouns in –ης, ηδες, -ας, -αδες, -ες, -εδες, etc.


Main conversation /vocabulary areas

  • Joining friends for lunch * Α changing world * Mothers and daughters *Fathers and sons * Working mothers * Memories * Household problems * Writing letters * Renting an apartment * A Wedding announcement * The new technology (for and against)

Developing writing skills

*Writing letters * Writing a dialogue * Writing a paragraph * Writing an advertisement





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