Syllabus level V


Continuation and review of Greek grammar.  Emphasis on more oral communication with topics of daily life and activities.  More extensive use of creative speech and writing.  Encounter with Greek literature, newspaper language as well as cultural topics.

TEXTBOOK: Δ. Δημητρά-Μ. Παπαχειμώνα, ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ ΤΩΡΑ 2+2, Chapters 7-11

The syllabus can be modified according to the needs of the class.

Main Grammar areas

Verbs: -αινω, -υνα as κονταίνω

Simple Past Stems of Passive Voice

Imperative of Passive Voice (Προστακτική Παθητικής φωνής)

Optative (Ευχετική)

B2 verbs in Passive voice (-ουμαι).  Verbs with double conjugation (B1-B2)

Passive participle (Παθητική Μετοχή)

Conditional (Δυνητική)

More Conditional Sentences

Suppositional (Πιθανολογική)

Reflexive and Reciprocal Verbs

Verbs formed by the addition of prepositional prefixes.


Nouns: Neuter nouns in  -ιμο as ράψιμο

Neuter  in –ον,-εν,-αν (as προσόν, φωνήεν, παν)

Neuter in –ας,-ος,-ως (as  κρέας, γεγονός, φως)

Masculine in –υς (as πρέσβυς)

Neuter in-υ


Adjectives: in –ων, -ουσα, -ον  ( as ενδιαφέρων)

Absolute Superlative as εξυπνότατος

Adverbs: Absolute Superlative as σαφέστατα

Pronouns: interrogative, relative, indefinite, demonstrative, reflexive

Use of prepositions


Main conversation areas

Topics which concern aspects of the Greek culture, history,  language, newspaper.


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