«Romeo and Juliet» & «Oedipus» – University of Florida

The Athens Centre presented the theater performances of Shakespeare’s play ‘Romeo and Juliet” and the ancient Greek drama “Oedipus” from Sophocles at the open-air amphitheatre Pagagou in Athens and the open-air amphitheatre Anargyrios on the island of Spetses.

The plays were performed by the Theatre Company of the University of Florida College, directed by Judith Williams and Yanci Bukovec, professors of Art and Classics at the New World School of Arts of the University of Florida. The performances were in English, organized as part of the cultural program of the Athens Centre which also hosts summer workshops in poetry and art, guest lectures, musical events, and presentations. The plays were in cooperation with the Athens Centre, the Municipality of Papagou-Holargou and the Anargyrios School Spetses. Admission was free.



The performance of “Romeo and Juliet”  took place at 9pm on Tuesday, June 14 in the Papagou amphitheatre in Korytsas 6, Papagou, Athens, and at 9pm on Sunday, June 19, in the Anargyrios amphitheatre on the island of Spetses.








The performance “Oedipus” took place at 9pm on Thursday, June 16 in the Papagou amphitheater in Korytsas 6, Papagou, Athens, and at 9pm on Saturday, June 18, in the Anagyrios amphitheatre on the island of Spetses.





Judith Williams is an internationally renowned producer, theater director and actor who received the Amoco Gold Medallion for “Excellence in American Theatre” and the Kennedy Centre Medallion for “Outstanding Service to American Theatre”. She has directed over 75 professional and University theatre productions. Performances in which she acts or directs were hosted in London, Winchester in England, in Edinburgh, Moscow, in Agia Petroupoli, Novorosisk, Innsbruck, and Salzburg, Holland and South Africa.

Professor Yanci Bukovec has performed in more than thirty countries. Along with the legendary French mime Marcel Marceau they appeared together in hundreds of major theatres throughout the world, in more than a thousand five hundred performances.

The Theatre company of the University of Florida has performed in various States in the USA and it is the fourth time they are presenting theatrical plays in Greece.


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