Kendall Rock (TA) from Colorado College

«The Athens Centre was the ultimate location for our student’s studies. The campus is gorgeous, and I found our students enjoying the welcomed shade and honeysuckle scent of the courtyard at all hours of the day. Student’s were eager to attend class and work on course work at the Athens Centre, and were always welcomed to do so. The classrooms are beautiful! There is really no place like the rooftop patio, with a view of both the Acropolis and the sea.

As the class TA, I had the distinct pleasure of working with the ladies in the Athens Centre office, Rosemary, Isabella, Olympia, and Keti. I immediately noticed these ladies’ dedication to student learning. The Athens Centre staff was always encouraging and helped us find new ways to experience Greek lifestyle and culture, including dance lessons, chocolate info and tasting sessions, and leather making workshops. These ideas added so much to our student’s experiences in Athens!

When our students got involved with assisting the refugees in Athens, we had the Athens Centre’s full support. The ladies took time out of their already busy schedules to print maps, make phone calls, and even contribute a generous donation. We couldn’t have done it without them.

I already miss the friends I made at the Athens Centre and can’t wait to come back!»


You can read Kendall’s Blog here.



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