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About Prometheus Rebound…

Prometheus Rebound and Other Mythology is a verse collection of Greek myths narrated through a series of contemporary parables. A myth is not a myth but rather reality being enacted everyday. G.F. Zaimis appropriates portions of Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound, Shelley’s Prometheus Unbound, synchronistic events and the mundane to explore a dialogue between humanity and the divine through mythology. Two poetic forms, the sonnet and the newly designed triptych, delineate the book’s mythology. The triptych, inspired by the Homeric epigram, is a poetic hybrid premised upon the visual and literary arts. Here mythos and logos come together through the eyes of poetry integrated by philosophy.

In Praise of…

Each word is sculpted into perfect form as architecture itself to fit the necessity of language in [Prometheus Rebound and Other Mythology]…The ability to abstract events, leaving the awareness of pain and joy is layered with multiple meaning. Her sonnets are experienced as pages of diptychs that converge into triptychs, her new visual and literary, poetic hybrid, shaping abstraction into form, aether to volume, idea from void.
Paolo Colombo
Writer, Art Advisor, ISTANBUL Modern & former Curator, MAXXI

Ginger Zaimis sometimes sounds like Heraclitus – fragmentary, abrupt, vatic and witty…verses from [Prometheus Rebound and Other Mythology] resonate with breathtaking peremptory wisdom…Remarkable!
Rachel Hadas
Poet, Classicist, Professor, Essayist & Translator

I am in awe of Ginger Zaimis’ knowledge of history and mythology, her skill and creativity with form. I love the way she weaves the current with the ancient, the high with the low in [Prometheus Rebound and Other Mythology]…so wittily, so gracefully.
Elizabeth J. Coleman
Poet, Translator & Vice President of the Poetry Society of America

Ginger navigates the world and her life with grace, elegance…Her poetic voice is fresh and unexpected: tough, tender, funny, fierce, risky and sometimes risqué. Her poetry expresses intersections of the ancient and modern world, mixing high-register diction with a vernacular of Southern sassiness.
A.E. Stallings
Poet, Translator & Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences


About the author

G.F. Zaimis is an American essayist, poet and photographer who specializes in architectural forms. She is the Arts & Literary Chair for the International Friends of Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Greece), The Library of Alexandria. Her debut collection, Excavated Athens to Alexandria was a finalist for PEN America’s Osterwiel Poetry Prize 2014. Her work has been presented at centers for contemporary art, biennials and museums as well as her poetic perspectives endorsed by The National Book Critics Circle. She is the author of two collections of poetry, the architect of the poetic forms, the Portico Convention and the new literary Triptych, as well as the co-author of Philosophy and Poetry. Follow her @gfzaimis


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