Lecture «The Palace of Nestor of Pylos», by Jack Davis

The director of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens Jack Davis lectured about The Palace of Nestor of Pylos, at the Athens Centre, on April, 15, 2011.

Jack L. Davis has directed archaeological regional studies projects on the island of Keos, in the Nemea Valley, and in the area of the Palace of Nestor in Messenia. He participated in the publication of excavations on Keos and on Melos and, as an authority in the archaeology of the Aegean islands, is author of «Review of Aegean Prehistory: The Islands of the Aegean», Aegean Prehistory: A Review (Boston: Archaeological Institute of America) 19-94 and to the forthcoming Cambridge Companion to the Aegean Bronze Age. Other research interests include the history and archaeology of Ottoman and early modern Greece, and the history of Classical archaeology, in particular its relationship to nationalist movements in the Balkans. Currently Davis is directing regional studies and excavations in Albania, in the hinterlands of the ancient Greek colonies of Durrachium/Epidamnos and Apollonia, and is also engaged in a project to publish unpublished finds from Blegen’s excavations at the Palace of Nestor.

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