Ian Whelan’s talk on » Ethnobotanical collaboration on Mediterranean Botanical Plants»


Invitation to a talk by the Mediterranean Garden Society about the studies on traditional Mediterranean plants, their scientific uses and why they should be protected and grown.

* The Lecturer: Ian Whelan has worked in developing medicines for over 30 years and he is a Fellow of three Royal Societies, including the Royal Entomological Society and Royal Society for Public Health. His interest is pharmaceutical and traditional medicine including natural and non chemical insecticides, and he also has an in depth knowledge of new mosquito control techniques which could be useful for Zika.

He has has also won several awards and the most recent is the Winston Churchill Fellowship. This award will fund him for 4 weeks to travel to develop links with the local experts in medicinal plants and it is a non commercial learning trip to help links in those countries. His key interest is insecticide free control and traditional plant medicine.

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