Exhibitions in Athens!

“Greece in the Eighties at Technopolis” is an original historical journey through he 80’s which aims to immerse visitors in a unique re-enactment experience. 80’s politics, lifestyle events, arts and technology, will be brought to life through a combination of direct information, audio-visual exhibits and interactive applications sectioned within 18 separate pavilions. The exhibition is organized by Technopolis City of Athens, with a parallel program of events at Onassis Cultural Centre.

Five for February~ art scene Athens, in February

Greek seascapes in focus The Greek sea has inspired many a Greek painter, and the Theocharakis Foundation’s new show, which will be inaugurated on February 15, pays homage to the many Greek artists who have created outstanding seascapes over the years.v

Herakleidon Art Museum

~ «VOYAGE»-Seafaring and Shipbuilding in Greece from antiquity to modern times
October 1, 2016-May 28, 2017

«ART & MATHEMATICS: from the aesthetics of Art to the logic of Mathematics»
Permanent Exhibition


August 1-may 8, 2016

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