Ancient Delos’ Theater Reopens For Second Time in 2,100 Years For An Opera Performance

The opera “Hera” by distinguished composer and director Thodoris Abatzis that will be presented at the ancient theater of Delos, is expected to be one of the most important artistic events of the year.

The opera based on the poem by Nikos Kyriakides, will be staged on October 6 and 7, beginning at 5 in the afternoon, lasting as long as there is natural light.

The event is under the auspices of the Municipality of Mykonos, the South Aegean Region and is planned with the significant collaboration of the Ephorate of Antiquities.

The “soul” of the program is Alexandra Dimou, lawyer of Syros and resident of Mykonos, opera afficionado and chief of the group that is preparing this important project.

The plot of the opera

A mortal reaches Delos island, he birthplace of Apollo, a severely ill, to negotiate the end of his life. Two goddesses of Olympus, Hera and Aphrodite, surprise him with their presence.

A philosophical negotiation starts between the fear of mortality and the boredom of immortality, culminating in the union of the “divine” with the “human” and the understanding of the “indivisible” of the divine and human existence …

From 5pm till dusk

The presentation of the opera will occur at 5pm, with natural sound, as there is no electrical connection in the area and free entry for the audience. The orchestra, soloists, singers and actors will be announced shortly.

At the small reception-meeting of those who collaborated on “Hera”, the climate was friendly and it was confirmed once again that everything is going well in the preparation of this great show, which will be a great cultural and tourist event for the visibility of Greece abroad. Meanwhile, the mayor of Mykonos announced the establishment of a committee of personalities that will work for the proper preparation of the organization.

An interesting two-day seminar was organized by the director of “Hera” and artistic director of the National Theater Thodoris Abatzis for the members of the island’s drama group, members of which will participate in the performance, while playwright Minas Vintiadis “instilled” in amateurs actors the secrets of writing.

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