• Yannis Zervos, Executive Director
    Yannis Zervos has been involved in education and cultural programming for over 45 years. He lectures, writes articles on Greece and has advanced degrees in economics and humanities. He has been on the board of the Fulbright Foundation, the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Athens, the Partisan Review, was the publisher of Omphalos magazine, and has advised the Cultural section of the American Embassy. As founder and director of the Athens Centre, he has organized over 500 cultural events in music, dance, theatre, as well as over 400 study abroad programs in Greece with American universities.

  • Rosemary Donnelly, Program Director
    Rosemary Donnelly is the co-founder of the Athens Centre and the site director of AHA/NCSA programs in Greece. She has a BA and MA in English Literature. She has travelled extensively throughout the world, has written articles about her travels, and worked as co-editor at the Athens News, the oldest English language newspaper in Greece.

  • Isabella Stavroula Frangouli, Program & Media Coordinator, Assistant Director
    Isabella was born in Athens, Greece. She has a BA in Business, and a MA in Communication/Media from UK universities in Oxford and London. She has lived in Paris for seven years, researching and working for her PhD thesis, on the media coverage of the wars in Iraq. She has worked for the United Nations in Athens and Unesco organisation in Paris and has been running a non-profit organisation «The Small Music Theatre», an experimental concert venue in Athens for 5 years.

    Apart from the Program Cooridination, she is in charge of media, internet and public relations at the Athens Centre and is also the Athens Centre’s photographer, recording events and student activities.

  • Olympia Kappatou, Housing Coordinator & Student advisor
    Olympia was born and raised in Athens, Greece. She has a degree in Sociology from Panteios University and in Theatre from Contemporary Theatre of Athens. She is presently working on her Master in Philosophy from University of Athens. Olympia has worked for National Theatre of Greece and she is a partner of Greek Hellenic Festival.
  • Joanna Theiakou, Cultural Program Coordinator & Student advisor
    Joanna has a degree in Political Science and History from Panteion University in Athens, a BA in Design, Branding and Marketing from the University of Creative Arts, a diploma of Graphic Design from Middlesex University and an MA in Communication Design and Manging Creative Industries from Kingston University. She has worked with Eastpak Greece’s  Marketing Dept,  the Special Olympics Media Dept, and as a Graphic Design Intern with several companies.  She has participated in many design and marketing competitions.
  • Georgos Theodoropoulos, Financial Controller

  • Lambros Saltaouras, Maintenance

  • Maria Kappler, House Keeping