Modern Greek Program

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An Athens Centre Classroom

The Athens Centre’s Modern Greek language program is considered to be the most comprehensive of its kind. Training much of the diplomatic and business community in Greece, it is widely regarded as a benchmark for language programs worldwide.  The program is based on a comprehensive, integrated approach to learning modern Greek.

Courses are scheduled throughout the year and include beginning through advanced proficiency levels. The syllabus has been created to teach the language to adults of all nationalities, using textbooks developed at the Centre. Classes are small, with an average of 8-12 participants in each course.

All instructors at the Centre are language specialists who use methods whereby the individual learns Greek comfortably at all levels. The methods used emphasize spoken Greek, and include language games and exercises combined with textbooks and other materials. Instructors are Greek nationals who speak English and several other languages. Two of the instructors have written and published  widely-used Greek language textbooks, and other have written supplementary books to enrich the language program. 

Participants in the language courses are encouraged to develop an interest in many aspects of Greek life and culture. Extra materials are used in all classes, and include folk songs, literature and articles from newspapers and periodicals. Students receive certificates at the end of each successfully completed course.


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