Christopher Torres, student at the AHA Multi-Site 2014 program

“For My Athens Center Fam

For the people who know me they will back me when I say that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m a genuine person. I don’t say this to brag, I’m not saying it to impress people either, it’s just the truth it’s how I was raised — thanks momma. I’m a very emotional person, I speak about how I feel and I’m not afraid to express it. That’s why I’m so happy to speak about the family I have created while spending two weeks of my life here in Athens with the Athens Center.

I understand two weeks isn’t a long time, but for a kid that’s never spent much time alone out traveling the world, two weeks in a foreign speaking country can be paralyzing. However, that being said since day one here in Athens I’ve felt extremely comfortable through my living experience. This wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for the hard work and commitment by the people in the Athens Center.

The Athens Center is a cultural and academic organization that works with students to bridge the gap between education and culture in Greece. To put it simply, they are here for the support of students like me, keeping us comfortable while spending time abroad. When I arrived to Athens, I gave a call to the center and was immediately met by Isabella at the front of my apartment. She showed me around the apartment and made sure that I was comfortable with all of my accommodations. The apartment was clean and organized with closet hangers, kitchen appliances and equipment and there was even a fresh bowl of grapes on the table. I felt like I walked into my home away from home.

My favorite part about working with the Athens Center was how organized and friendly they have been. They always had a complete schedule with times and dates for every class, excursion and extracurricular activities that had been previously set up for our stay here in Athens. Not only that, but they always met us with smiles and greetings and were always willing to do whatever was necessary to make life easier while we were here.

I’ve grown a relationship with everybody involved. Shouts go out to my awesome professor Michael as well as Isabella, Olympia and Joanna for working tirelessly for us students. Not only have I built friendships but I also feel like I now have built a home here in Athens, I know when I come back to visit I will have welcoming faces here to greet me.

It’s bitter sweet knowing that the bulk of my study abroad session is about to really get started with my Italian program beginning next week in Siena, but knowing that I’m leaving Greece behind and more importantly the people that have made my stay so special.

I want to say thank you to the Athens Center for making my stay so easy and accommodating and I’m writing this on my personal blog because I sincerely recommend any student or anyone in general that wants to visit Athens in the best way possible to look into the Athens Center. You won’t regret it. Thank you all so much, and as a late happy birthday to Isabella here’s a nice photo of her beautiful smile when she was surprised for her birthday yesterday.


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