“Poem to Greece” by Christian Wills








Poem to Greece


“Just a lone creator

Trapped in my mind with nothing to do

Until you gave me that special offer

I gotta admit it was a bargain but I

Was skeptical cuz I told you this was my first time

I aint never been this high before

Never been high in my life

All above the clouds in a puff of smoke

Seemed like you’d take me around the world with how this feels

And all the promises you made 

But I landed right where I needed to be


Gotta admit, it was hard being up there

But you pulled me by the heartstrings when my feet had planted

Studying the language of the people when my lips started dancing

As I’m, frantically prancing around these narrow city streets

Could barely go straight with this sidewalk that we walk on

But ya endless supply of fruit trees and cats that crawl upon my knees

And wind that sings with every breeze that you breath makes me feel at ease

I’m complete, unlike ya ancient ruins and architect that oddly makes me feel at home


Even then, I’m flying low and slow with the internet speed 

Call it jet lagged

Packed bags zipped to the eyes that I can’t call to attention

Sitting in this class almost napping, dozing off on papers

And lectures that told me ya land gained a new name in 1830

Yet my people couldn’t call themselves free during that time

I’ll get to that later…

Stick to the subject, don’t embarrass ya’self in public

We in Greece, if I pull you over we might end up eating thirds next to the marketplace

Or face to face with a sunset so orange it’ll make a citrus go jealous

Don’t take that palm for granted, reach for that burning star and know this clearly


That winding road you turn and accompany is a friendly one

Free from the hustle and bustle of the State’s struggle

Even coffee is made to be drank in spades

Relax, entertain, and eat a small slice of heaven before you go

Cuz that food is to die for, I’d surely take a bullet for it, wouldn’t you?

Here in this wonderful motherland where small businesses thrive and graffiti art is alive

Mountaintop views tell stories as fast as the eye can see

You ain’t even gotta listen, just look and you can hear it, taste it, smell it, love it, hate it, 

Crave it, change it, save it, or better yet…embrace it

Cuz Greece, it’s gonna be hard to look back

A part of me could never leave it”

Christian Wills

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