“From cape to cape: one cyclist against climate change”

From cape to cape: one cyclist against climate change
Join us in welcoming Teresie Hommersand to Athens!
Friday, May 3rd, 7.00 pm

Introductory speech by Gaetano Leone, UNEP/MAP Coordinator

Event jointly organized by UN Environment / Mediterranean Action Plan and the Athens Centre


After living in Cape Town for six years, Teresie Hommersand chose to cycle back home to Norway rather than fly back on an airplane. Travelling 20,000 kilometers across 23 countries over 2 years, to minimize her carbon footprint, she aims to raise Climate Change awareness and inspire change in diverse communities.

On her solo route from the southernmost point of Africa to the most northern point in Europe, Teresie’s venture includes cycling through the Sahara Desert in 50°C, crossing one of the world’s largest salt pans in Botswana, reaching the top of Mount Kenya, and being the first solo female to cycle through the Suez Canal Tunnel.

While experiencing the worlds wonders, she has been chased by an elephant, had hyenas lurking around her tent but also felt the warmth and hospitality of the people encountered on her journey.

In her panniers, she carries her “Solar Cinema” equipment: a solar-powered projector and speakers that she uses to screen films about the environment and climate, motivating others to take action against climate change.

On the final stretch to the North Cape through Europe, Teresie Hommersand stops by Athens to share her experiences.

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