Visiting Faculty

Summer 2011

Diane Johnson
Western Washington University
Associate Professor of Classical Studies


Fall 2011

Athens_FA_11_Eric_MankowskiEric Mankowski
Portland State University
Gender in Greece: Masculinities and Feminism
Sustainable Athens: Psychology and Environmental Change

Eric Mankowski, Ph.D. is a Professor of Psychology at Portland State University, where he enjoys teaching students about the psychology of men and masculinities and the psychology of the environment and climate change.  Students have voted him the John Eliot Allen Outstanding Teach of the Year Award in Psychology three times (in 2001, 2003, and 2006).  He also writes regularly on these topics — most recently, the article “Research and action on intimate partner violence: Interdisciplinary convergence of cultural community psychology and cross-cultural psychology”, which appears in the book Q.E.D. From Herodotus’ Ethnographic Journeys to Cross-Cultural Research. Athens: Atrapos Editions.


Spring 2012


William Ayres
University of Oregon
Island Archaeology: The Mediterranean in Comparative Perspective
Ethnoarcheology in Greece: Anthropology and Archeology

William Ayres teaches about the archaeology and anthropology of islands at the University of Oregon.  As an archaeologist, he works with students on field projects in the sites of stone ruins, especially in the Pacific Islands, but also other island regions as well.  


Fall 2012


Sandra Holstein
Southern Oregon University
Language, Literature , and Philosophy
Classical Greek Drama


Sandra Holstein, Professor of Literature, Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, and Honors at Southern Oregon University, has a BA, MA, and PhD in Art, English, and American Studies at UCLA and Minnesota. She focuses on race, ethnicity, gender and cultural differences in her scholarship and classroom.



Michael Holstein
Southern Oregon University
The Heritage of Greece: Classical Mythology and Living Legend


Dr. Michael Holstein travels, writes, illustrates, and hand-binds books of poetry. He has published eight volumes of poetry. He minored in classics in grad school and currently teaches a course in performance poetry in the Lifelong Learning Institute at SOU.


Spring 2013

James Ruppert
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Greek History and Culture in Cinema
Myth and Meaning: Focus on the Greek Olympians

Professor of English and Film at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Much of his research explores the use of myth in literature and culture. He has carried those interests into film as cultural and cross-cultural expression.