University Programs

Living and studying abroad has become an integral part of a college education. An awareness of other cultures, the experience of changing one’s lifestyle by living in a different country, are essential elements for a well- rounded education.
The Centre organizes semester programs in Greece with colleges and universities from the United States and Canada. The programs emphasize courses in classical, Byzantine and modern Greece. The Centre provides Greek language and civilization programs, guest speakers, and contacts with Greece and things Greek. Academic Credit for the programs comes from the host academic institutions.

University programs of shorter duration take place throughout the year, concentrating on Classical Greek Theatre and topics concerning Greece and the Mediterranean area.

Current Universities at the Athens Centre


McDaniel College (January 2-18, 2019)
Classics Program
The program is lead every year by Prof. Thomas Falkner and Prof. Rose Falkner.

‘McDaniel in Greece: Myths, Monks, and Monuments’ offers an intensive introduction to the history and culture of ancient Greece, including the Pre-Historic, Classical, and Byzantine Periods, primarily through its material remains.  Students will study and visit a broad range of significant monuments, museums, and archaeological sites, with special emphasis on the insight they offer into Greek culture.  Particular attention will be given to Greek religious belief and practices and how they are related to the material remains.

In addition to extensive travel in Athens, students will travel to Aegina, Corinth, Crete, Delphi, Eleusis, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Nauplion, Olympia, and Sounion.


McDaniel group visiting the archaeological site of Knossos, in Crete.

Hunter College of City University of New York (January 5-22, 2019)
Classics Program
The program is lead every year by Prof. Robert Koehl.

– MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology (January 9-17, 2019)
Classics Program
The programs is led by Prof. Will Broadhead & Prof. Linda Rabieh

MIT students in Delphi

– University of Delaware (January 14- February 4, 2019)
“Biblical and Classical Literature”.
A program led by Prof. David Satran

“Victors & Spoils: Competition in Ancient Greece”
A program led by Tyson Sukava

  Students from the University of Oregon, visiting the archaeological site and the museum in Delphi!





Colorado College (September / October, 2019)
Dr. Lisa Hughes is the leading Professor for this year’s Classics program.
The program consists of class meetings, lectures, group presentations, visits to museums and archaeological sites, a 2-day trip to Corinth / Mycenae / Epidaurus and Nafplio and other.

                           Having class in the Athens Centre courtyard!

Current  list of universities and academic institutions affiliated with the Athens Centre.

List of Universities and academic institutions affiliated with the Athens Centre:

  • Belmont University, Classics Program
  • Boston College, Hospitality Program
  • Case Western Reserve University, Classics Program
  • Central Michigan University, Classics Program
  • Coker College, Classics Program
  • Colorado College, Classics Program
  • Denison University, Classics Program
  • Earlham College, Classics Program
  • Evergreen College, Classics Program
  • Hunter College City University of New York, Classics Program
  • McDaniel College, Classics Program
  • Michigan State University, Business Program
  • MIT, Classics Program
  • Tarleton University, Mathematics program
  • Pennsylvania State University & Bucknell University, Classics Program
  • SUNY Brockport, “Food & Culture” Program
  • University of California Riverside, Classics Program
  • University of Chicago, The Graham School, Classics Program
  • University of Delaware, Classics Program
  • University of Oregon, “Food & Culture” program
  • University of St. Thomas, In Byron’s Shadow Program
  • University of Texas, McCombs Business School, Finance Program
  • Washington University of St. Louis, Classics Program
  • Western Washington University, Classics Program
  • Westminster College, New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, Classics Program

If your university or college is interested in organizing a program in Greece with The Athens Centre, please contact: Rosemary Donnelly at The Athens Centre 48 Archimidous Street Athens 11636 Greece, e-mail:, Tel. (+30) 210 7012268z